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Lucy In The Diamond With Skies

I went to a Marlins game with my brother on Saturday and our childhood broke out. We walked into a cavernous stadium for a MLB game and by the time we left I had wandered into a Little Havana apartment … Continue reading

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Vortex Discharges, Snickers and Communism

There are various one-liners ricocheting off each other in my head. The lines are like pliant pets, once in the brain, their sole purpose is to be ready if called to the vortex by some seemingly random triggering event, irrespective … Continue reading

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Sgt Barnes: Boy, Whachew Know About Farming?

There is a great scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen produces the author some proverbial gasbag has been pontificating about and enjoys the moment as Marshall McLuhan completely refutes the man’s loud and unsolicited opinions about his work. An … Continue reading

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