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T. S. Eliot and the Miami Marlins Parking Garage

T. S. Eliot never once wrote: This is the way the Megaplan ends Not with a parking garage but with aluminum car ports [lacking permits naturally] in every Little Havana front yard. There are three things worth highlighting from yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Rescue Plan as Viewed by Economists

Forget Congress for now, whatever emerges there is a compromise of the least objectionable ideas. I’m curious about how the intelligentsia views what is occurring. The most respected university in economics is the University of Chicago. Economists there took the … Continue reading

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Rescue Plan as Seen From the Left, Center & Right

In trying to find a common thread from each of the political spectrum’s, I have to conclude that Ben Bernanke [Fed] and Henry Paulson [Treasury] do not have enough credibility remaining to get the rescue plan they are seeking. Perspective … Continue reading

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