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The Estefan’s Crossover Timing

January 2010: Scene at the Washington offices of Smooth & Glib Consultants, LLP [formerly the Academy of Tobacco Studies]. Gloria Estefan: Look, I don’t care how this gets done, but I want it done. If I ever have to ask … Continue reading

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CBO Numbers Outsourced: Imagine The Potential

Congressional Democrats success at selling numbers produced by the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] which are based on assumptions which no one believes got me to thinking. Perhaps we can outsource the CBO to other organizations which could benefit from such … Continue reading

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If Uncle George Had Ovaries, She’d Be Aunt Megan

That’s George Will and Megan McArdle. While not a conservative, she is Will-like in her logic and arguments. Some recent examples: Ms McArdle on the Democrat’s abortion of a health care bill: What I hope is that the Democrats take … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Gradual Revolution

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How Expensive Will The Nanny State Become?

One of the best blogging academic economists — Greg Mankiw — gives his perspective on the federal health care takeover: In the end, while I understood the arguments in favor of the bill, I could not support it. In part, … Continue reading

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The Rest Of The Story

No mention of ‘the rest of the story’ should fail to note the late great American broadcaster Paul Harvey. This from a Time article which noted his death last Feb 28, 2009: “This is Paul Harvey.” That clarion Midwestern voice … Continue reading

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Rubio and Barzini: It was them all along

How good are things going for Marco Rubio? He was on the cover of National Review. George Will even explained why he thinks Rubio will win. He is raising money as if this were 2008 and his initials were B … Continue reading

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Barak Obama: He’s Just Not That Into Us

Us being Americans. President Obama’s first reaction to the Ft Hood shooting was to caution Americans “against jumping to conclusions.” Does this guy ever have a reaction where he defends America with something other than tepidness? Please don’t include Afghanistan … Continue reading

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The Golden Goose Tale Updated

Peggy Noonan’s description of those who prefer to aggressively expand the role of government – ‘they think America is the goose that lays the golden egg’ – rings true to me. Those who sincerely believe in government expansion have just … Continue reading

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A Few Observations #2

Rich Lowry on why Obama passed on commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall: Obama famously made a speech in Berlin during last year’s campaign, but at an event devoted to celebrating himself as the apotheosis of world hopefulness. He … Continue reading

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