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Anatomy of a Possible Florida Marlins Trade

Let’s play Florida Marlins GM. On more than one occasion, Larry Beinfest has indicated that the Marlins want to emphasize pitching and defense. Their numerous good young pitchers are a testament to that focus. However, defense has been a problem … Continue reading

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Is Dan Uggla Just in a Slump?

If you have been a productive employee at your job for 3 years, can you imagine being fired for a few unproductive months in year 4? If you can, you should be able to relate to the pressure Dan Uggla … Continue reading

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Ayers today, gone tomorrow?

Barack Obama is making Dan Uggla’s slump look mild. His steady decline in the polls culminated today, on the second day of his Convention, to show him dropping behind McCain [by 2 points], for the first time since March. That’s … Continue reading

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