Karma: Gotta have Haith

Karma’s been looking for Frank Haith all year. Karma, despite its Hindu roots, seemed to take its cue from St Paul. Karma was patient. Karma was not boastful or arrogant or rude. Karma did not insist on its own way, it was not irritable or resentful. It believed all excuses and endured all delays. “What’s that,” Karma often said, “He’s not in? Did you tell him I called? It’s OK, I’ll be back.” Karma watched as Frank Haith, busy fingering his Calipari beads, rose high in the polls and stayed there for the whole season. University of Miami fans watched in disbelief as the coach who seemed incapable of rising above mediocrity was now supposed to be the next big thing. He had seemingly beat the odds and held off Karma, until today.

Mission fulfilled, Karma exits [at far right]

Karma delivers, then exits – see far right

Today Karma found Frank Haith on the sidelines of the NCAA Tournament as his 2nd seed Missouri Tigers faced the 15th seed Norfolk State Spartans. Karma approached Haith just after the opening tip-off and whispered:

Frank … it’s time … c’mon you know you don’t deserve this Frank … I’m here for Reggie Johnson and Scot Durand … did you really think you’d be allowed to make an NCAA Tournament run with a team loaded with 7 seniors while Larranaga cleans up your mess at UM? You can’t escape me or your career record Frank, that’s who you are.

Why didn’t you answer my calls Frank? Hurricane fans need some answers. Heck, your assistants from Miami need answers and lawyers. The NCAA wants answers, they’re not as patient as I am. But don’t worry Frank, after today you’ll have plenty of time.  Are you listening to me? Don’t bother calling a time out here, they’re gonna miss on their next two possessions. One last thing Frank, I’m gonna let this go down to the last shot.  We do that when it gets personal.

Don’t ask why Frank, it’s just the U.

For the details on the University of Miami’s grievances with Frank Haith, please see the blog post in the The Daily.

H/T to Tico for idea – Tico is widely recognized as the U’s #1 supporter in some of Coral Gables roughest neighborhoods.

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