Mother Teresa, Grace And Existential Hamsters

Hamster with mini-generator and no self-awareness

By the end of this post, a part of you might be envying that hamster for the following reason.  It remains blissfully unaware of its inability to out-run the treadmill, let alone the fact that it may be generating electricity through “irregular biomechanical energy.”

From a very narrow perspective, we humans are not as fortunate as the hamster in that we are aware of our limitations.  For us Christians, we typically become more aware of our responsibilities to try and do great things in the faith as we mature.  Maturing in our secular lives usually means confronting and accepting our limitations. The maturation process seems to pull us in opposite directions from spiritual and secular perspectives. For as we confront and accept our limitations in our secular lives, we are called by our faith to do great things, despite our growing awareness that in most walks of life greatness is not our destiny.

I believe that through God’s Grace — His free [unearned] gifts — is how we can be transformed enough to plow through the contradiction. The revelation that Mother Teresa went through such a long period in her life not feeling the presence of God — Grace removed — is perhaps confirmation that Grace cannot be earned. The implications for the rest of us are sobering. Experiencing satisfaction and rewards during this life should not be expected, since Grace is about God’s mercy, not our sense of justice.

So set your alarms for tomorrow morning, jump out of bed, prepare for the treadmill and pray for Grace. Repeat for the next 364 days. Then repeat for about fifty years. At which point you are free to attempt to commiserate with the former Ms Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or just move on to year 51. Your call.

H/T to Joe for the idea.

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2 Responses to Mother Teresa, Grace And Existential Hamsters

  1. John Q says:

    who knew mother theresa was yugoslavian. i think that ‘splains a lot, lucy. as for your anecdotal hamsters, maybe they’re running, not with the intent to reach the end, but because they enjoy the exercise. word.

  2. 2 Think Good says:

    I’m a semi-educated man, but I’m afraid I can’t speak intelligently as to the exercise habits of Hamster Santiago. What I do know is that he is set at the base of the treadmill everyday at 0600 and does not stop until he is removed at 1100. The mini-generator he carries on his back can sometimes reach temperatures of 83 degrees. I think it demeans his efforts to suggest that he does so for some rodent version of pilates. But you have the luxury of speculation. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know about Hamster Santiago’s motivations.

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