Pope Benedict XVI: I don’t know

“I ask myself the same question.” We don’t have the answers, but we know that Jesus suffered as innocent children suffer.” That was Pope Benedict XVI’s response to a 7-year-old Japanese girl’s question about why children suffer.

More from Pope Benedict in a Good Friday address at the Colosseum [not to be confused with the Coliseum which used to be at 37 Ave & SW 16 Street and later became a Sportsrooms Fitness Center offering lifetime memberships–thanks Tim Foley–and is today a Publix]:

Let us gaze on the crucified Jesus, and let us ask in prayer: Enlighten our hearts, Lord, that we may follow you along the way of the cross. Put to death in us the “old man” bound by selfishness, evil and sin. Make us “new men”, men and women of holiness, transformed and enlivened by your love.

It does a Catholic’s heart good to hear our leader speak so plainly. It is perhaps not what others would expect from the the Pope, but both statements are consistent. After all, people who ‘know’ would have no need to continue to pray for enlightenment.

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