Cuban Catholic Hierarchy: Wheat or Chafe?

Please read the recent post by Robert Molleda over at his Searching for Signs blog. I agree with Robert’s thoughts on the topic of the failure of the ‘Cuban Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.’

It is tempting to compare this ongoing failure of the Cuban Catholic Church to other failures of the Church in general, but that type of speculation would just be lending comfort to our enemies at this point. But another thing that I will avoid is describing their behavior is inexplicable. What reason do we have to look beyond the obvious? The appear to be acting out of fear for their own well being — personal security as well as positioning to remain unaffected over future upheavals, i.e. ‘Hey remember us Commandantes, we didn’t rock the boat’ — instead of compassion for their most needy and brave flock. Could it be that the bravery of the dissidents so highlights their own fecklessness that the Catholic hierarchy in Cuba has actually come to hate them as much as the Communist ruling class?

Whatever past compromises the ‘Cuban Ecclesiastical Hierarchy’ may have made, they received a pass of sorts for the tricky conditions they were operating under. That pass has clearly expired and they have been exposed to a great extent. Today the higher echelon of the Cuban Catholic Church behaves cowardly. Who concludes otherwise and why?

May God bless the dissidents. May the current powers that be in the Catholic leadership of Cuba survive any future sifting, even as I believe they behave like chafe.

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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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1 Response to Cuban Catholic Hierarchy: Wheat or Chafe?

  1. Robert says:

    Thank you, Jorge. The only Church leader in Cuba who has visibly spoken out against the regime in recent times is the former Archbishop of Santiago (I believe Meurice is his last name). Too bad he retired shortly after making those comments.

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