History has not absolved them, neither should we

Below is a list — largely courtesy of Humberto Fontova and Glenn Garvin articles — of famous people with documented sympathy for evil as opposed to people like Orlando Zapata Tamayo. I don’t bother to ask how they can say and do such things. They do so because of some combination of political ideology, hate [of the Right] and a deeply unrealistic desire to be taken seriously.

But the actions of those listed below are not my concern. Reminding those of us who do care about their actions until the day they are buried [and beyond] is a concern of mine. Like minded readers of this post who have, or will, support those on this list with their entertainment dollars or viewing habits probably could benefit from the reminder. A fair question to ask those of us who know better is, How could we?

From Garvin’s article in Reason magazine:

As DePalma gently observes, the foreign correspondents of the last century who wrote with the greatest passion-Richard Harding Davis on the Spanish-American War, John Reed on the Russian Revolution, Ernest Hemingway on the Spanish Civil War, Edgar Snow on Mao’s Long March, Norman Mailer on Vietnam-were “not necessarily those most anchored to the truth.” To turn Fidel Castro’s favorite phrase on its head, history has not absolved them. Neither should their readers.

Almodovar, Pedro
Belafonte, Harry
Bender, Lawrence
Camhe, Beverly
Campbell, Naomi
Chase, Chevy
Clift, Eleanor
Costner, Kevin
Couric, Katie
Del Toro Sanchez, Benicio Monserrate Rafael
De Niro, Robert
DiCaprio, Leonardo
Dillon, Matt
Ford, Katie
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Gilmore, Geoffrey
Graham, Nicholas
Hewitt, Don d. 2009
Jackson, Jesse
Lollobrigida, Gina
Mankiewicz, Frank
Matthews, Herbert d. 1977 – see Anthony Depalma book
Morissette, Alanis
Moss, Kate
Nicholson, Jack
Penn, Sean
Rather, Dan
Sawyer, Diane
Schub, Elizabeth
Soderbergh, Steven
Spielberg, Stephen
Stone, Oliver
Taber, Robert
Theron, Charlize
Walken, Christopher
Walters, Barbara

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