Tattoos, Peter Lynch and Good Investment Advice

I was walking on the Key Biscayne bridge Saturday morning and noticed an attractive woman runner. As she passed me, I cringed as I briefly confused the tattoo on her back with an open wound. In fairness, it probably more closely resembled a color depiction of a colonoscopy administered to Kobayashi following a competition and a side bet involving Push-Up® Frozen Treats [Rainbow Sherbet flavor].

It naturally made me think about investment strategies. A classic opportunity to use use common sense to help guide our investments, as often preached by Peter Lynch. If I were to miss the tattoo removal boom, I’m not sure I could forgive myself, it’s that obvious. Quick search turned up these companies, some are not public for now.

Finally, it made me wonder, what other, cosmetically speaking, spectacularly bad decisions can people make early in life that will haunt them more than their tattoos? Bad hairstyles and cuts grow out. Cosmetic surgery is typically available with the higher disposal income which comes in later years and besides, people get to decide when sober. Younger balding men can be bailed out by the shaved head alternative, thereby depressing the plug nation candidates. Tattoo’s really have no competition.

Which is why I see Peter Lynch’s investing philosophy in every tattoo.

Your investor’s edge is not something you get from Wall Street experts. It’s something you already have. You can outperform the experts if you use your edge by investing in companies or industries you already understand.

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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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