Cuba Bias Quantified

Over at the Babalu Blog, Henry Gomez does not complain about bias, he quantifies it. Please check out the blog [you will need to scroll down] for the application of the criteria to the various news stories about Cuba.

Here is the actual criteria analyzed:

+10 Points for mentioning that the Castro regime has outlasted 10 U.S. presidential administrations

+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “healthcare advances”

+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “educational/literacy advances”

+10 Points for referring to either Raul or Fidel Castro as “president”

+10 Points for mentioning U.S. attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro

+10 Points for mentioning U.S. embargo as a possible source for Cuba’s disastrous economy.

+10 Points for mentioning Cuba’s “doctor diplomacy”

+10 Points for using the word “dictator” in connection with Batista and not in connection with the Castro brothers

BONUS: +10 Points for referring to the U.S. embargo on Cuba as a “blockade”.

Now for the negatives.

-10 Points for use of the word “communist”

-10 Points for mention of political prisoners

-10 Points for any mention of possible human rights abuses in Cuba

-10 Points for each mention of the lack a particular freedom (assembly, political speech, movement, etc.)

-10 Points for any favorable mention of Cuban exile community

-10 Points for use of any of the words liberty, freedom or democracy

-10 Points for any reference to firing squads

-10 Points for referring to communist CDRs as neighborhood spy organizations

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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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