Miami Marlins’ New Homer

Would that it have been Jorge Cantu’s 30th, or even the animated character, Mr. Simpson. No, something much less useful, my conversion to ‘homer status’ that will make Rick Weaver sound like Vin Scully in the coming months.

My interest in the Marlins and their finances was the impetus for this blog. The basic idea was to was to take the Forbes analysis and translate it onto a financial statement. It appealed to my forensic inner-child accountant. I got some attention and it gave me an ostensible purpose for writing, which as it turns out, is what I really enjoy and intend to continue pursuing.

I recently had an exchange with a reader of my blog and critic of plans to build a baseball stadium on the Orange Bowl site. It was a friendly communication, but it left a bad taste for me. In a very minor way, my academic interest in the Marlins finances was in effect aiding and abetting those who wish to derail the stadium plans.

I have lived in or about the Little Havana neighborhood since 1961. It currently houses my Catholic Parish and I love what the area has represented to our Miami community. Along with the Freedom Tower, it is our Ellis Island. As such, my real and practical interests as a Miamian — supporting investments in our community — badly trumped [think Ali v Quarry] any esoteric interest in MLB finances.

So goodbye focus on MLB profitability and hello to analyzing who is for or against investments in local infrastructures. Perhaps to shine a light on those who have a certain standing in this community and oppose the stadium plans — Michael Putney, Norman Braman, etc — but perhaps were not as vehement, or even approved, other local projects, like the Arsht Center. Those who do not oppose the construction of non-essential facilities indiscriminately, certainly invite scrutiny as to the criteria used in distinguishing which projects they support.

Welcome to the new, unofficial and woefully inadequate blog home to the Little Havana Stadium Plan for Homers. We are the few, the loud, the aquamarines [I know it’s teal OK – work with me].


About Jorge Costales

- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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