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Schadenfreude Wet Spot

I fear that I have been granted indirect superhero powers over inconsequential people and things. I sports hated on the anti-American leftist druggie Maradona and within one month; he has one of the worst coaching performances in World Cup history, … Continue reading

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Mystery of the contempt for Fredo Corleone

I just don’t get it. What is it about Fredo Corleone that invites such universal scorn? Have you ever heard anyone anywhere stick up for this guy? I once heard him referred to during a conversation between seminarians as a … Continue reading

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Rod Serling — Twilight Zone

Should I bother to note how big a fan I am? Videos: Someone took a very good hand-held video [4 min] of the Twilight Zone-based ride, Tower of Terror, at Disney’s Hollywood Park. A long [7 min] video of Serling … Continue reading

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