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Oval Office Conversation

After they stepped outside, they made a historic announcement about their request to have the federal government buy distressed assets in an effort to avoid a financial market collapse. But here’s my guess as to the conversation they had in … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Crisis, More Bubble Wrap Than Balloon

I keep hearing that the credit bubble has popped. But since there is a lot of popping going on, it’s time to shift the metaphor from a balloon to bubble wrap. Perception: The recent Wall Street crisis is attributable to … Continue reading

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Role of Fair Value Acg in the Subprime Meltdown

The problem is summarized by Peter Wallison of AEI: When the dotcoms were in vogue, the assets of securities firms and other equity intermediaries were inflated, just as, more recently, rising housing values made banks and other mortgage lenders look … Continue reading

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>Theme Parks – Separate and Unequal?

>I visited the Disney World and Universal theme parks in Orlando on vacation recently. It reminded me of the difference in how they choose to manage the lines for their rides. Universal allows visitors to pay their way out of … Continue reading

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What should government do?

Forcing fast-food restaurants to disclose calories seems like a safe ‘no’ by my way of thinking, but it’s not the clear cut answer I thought before I read the following from the Becker-Posner blog – this is Posner: A law … Continue reading

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Can Conspiracists Ever Be Dissuaded?

Perception: Oil companies are manipulating prices and President Bush won’t do anything about it. Economic Reality: Since demand is exceeding supply, prices are rising. Oil companies profits increase when they sell more of their product. See the column by Newsweek … Continue reading

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Sub-prime Mortgage Problem For Dummies

Good article about how collateralized debt obligations were used to generate fees from sub-prime mortgage loans. There is perhaps an inevitable tone to the article which now makes it seem obvious what the effects of these type of financial instruments … Continue reading

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