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The Real Culprit: The Houston Rockets

As Miami Heat fans turn on the team in a manner which would make Tolai tribesmen recoil with indigestion, let us not lose sight of the real culprits for the Heat’s first round demise. The Houston Rockets. As a Miami … Continue reading

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The Logic of Billy Preston and the Ballpark Vote

I got tired of not finding an actual headcount on how the Miami-Dade County commissioners might vote tomorrow, so I’ll take a shot at it here. [Warning: I’m getting killed in my Descarga NCAA Brackets–I’ll never trust Clemson again–so please, … Continue reading

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La Descarga Deportiva

For a good sports talk show which focuses heavily on local sports, I highly recommend La Descarga Deportiva–weeknights at 6pm on AM radio 670. Frequently the introductory banter between the regular callers and the hosts–Jerry del Castillo and Pepe Campos, … Continue reading

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The Local Boxing Scene is Non-antiseptic

Definition of an·ti·sep·tic: a: coldly impersonal b: of, relating to, or being warfare conducted with cold precision from a safe distance with few or no casualties on one’s side That is exactly what the local boxing scene is not. Its … Continue reading

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