Heat fanatic GTD organizer panic tab

achesonWith a nod towards Dean Acheson, this present since the creation Heat fanatic is penciling in any potential panic in the NBA playoffs tab of my GTD planner. Specifically, late 3rd quarter in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

My reasons are complicated, but please try to follow. The last time an NBA team attempted to three-peat with the best player in the world in their prime, they did.

The 2013-14 Miami Heat and the 1992-93 Chicago Bulls have the following in common:

  • Best NBA player in prime of career at 29 years of age
  • Best NBA player had won MVP in prior 2 seasons
  • MVP during three-peat season given to perennial runner-up type — see Kevin Durant, today’s Charles Barkley
  • The NBA’s not so secret Walter Mitty, Pat Riley, was prominent in both seasons
  • 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference
  • 1st seed in the East was the best defensive team in the NBA
  • 1st seed in the East had a dominating center
  • 1st seed in the East had trouble scoring points
  • 1st seed in the East started an emotional guard, prone to mistakes at key moments
  • Teams split their first 2 games of season, the 2nd seed losing badly on the road and then winning a close game at home [2nd seed went on to lose next 2 regular season meetings]
  • 1st seed won 1st 2 games of the Conference Finals at home
  • Those would be the last 2 games the 1st seed would win that season

That’s why any panic can wait until game 3, if then.  FYI, you know what the ‘great’ Michael Jordan did in the pivotal game 3? He shot 3 for 18.  So much for clutch.  Those Bulls were just better than those Knicks. So are the Heat with LeBron James.

Are we clear?

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