Liberal Catholics, Transubstantiation and Boise St

Index of Liberal Catholic Warriors for the Faith:

C’mon guys, don’t ever lose your sense of humor. I mean your faith, well…. But never lose your sense of humor. Think of it as the only true historically peer-reviewed commandment.

I used to feel bad for liberal Catholics during the past score-ish years. Clearly discouraged by John Paul II’s longevity and succession, their liberalism seemed to represent the 10th step in a 12-step program to leave the Church. Their main concerns have always struck me as more political than spiritual. The list is familiar:

  • Female priests
  • Nuanced stance on abortion
  • Acceptance of homosexuality

One thought bothered me about that list. Transubstantiation. How could they keep transubstantiation off the list for so many years. I mean granted their main issues were literally sexy or sexual, but theologically speaking, they couldn’t hold a jock strap [or panty] to transubstantiation in terms of the difficulty of true acceptance of Catholic teaching. That’s why transubstantiation is the Boise State of Catholic theology. Think of the scandal if Boise State were kept out of the the BCS title game after 1,863 undefeated years.

Then one day it hit me like as if I was staring at Marcee in a Beautiful Mind. It’s not real. Their list is not real. It’s interesting and focus-grouped, but it doesn’t represent the main concerns of adult Catholics, even liberal ones. A list of real concerns about the difficulty in accepting Catholic teaching would be more varied and less aligned with politically correct issues of the day.

Ever since that day, I’m the jaded guy in the crowd on the ground seemingly unaffected by the threats of ‘jumping’ from liberal Catholics on the ledge. If asked, my advice would be to go ahead and jump. Who knows, the distance they fall may not be as far as their oscillation would suggest.

If you think that opinion is judgmental, then you need to brush up on the difference between having an opinion on issues in the public domain and the type of judgment we are admonished not to engage in in the Scriptures. One involves forming an opinion to the best of our abilities and the other presumes to know God’s will. As an example, while I would prefer, if asked, that liberal Catholics jump, that is not judgmental. If I presumed to know where they would land when they jumped, now that’s judgmental.

I recommend Fr Barron’s take on the issue, although I doubt he would reciprocate.

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5 Responses to Liberal Catholics, Transubstantiation and Boise St

  1. Robert says:

    Excellent post, Jorge. I wonder how I missed it, since I check my Google Reader about twice a week and just saw it today.

    Fr. Barron's commentary was on the money. Although I understand the temptation some have to leave the Church, for the most part it's because of bad instruction, negative experiences with priests, parish staff, or just good old frustration with “following the rules”. In other words, the same reasons one would leave any other denomination or religion. Catholicism isn't like a social club that you can take or leave at a whim. It's everyone's responsibility to understand their faith as much as possible, dependent and IN-dependent of clergy.

    As G.K. Chesterton so succinctly put it: Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.

  2. Jorge Costales says:

    Robert thanks for the comment. Given the subject, I have an appropriate confession to your comment wondering why you had just noted the post. After I posted it on 12/21, I was feeling bad that my only recent post was to rip other Catholics. So my compromise with myself was to 'hide' it with an earlier date. Busted.

    Hey you've been blog post quiet yourself lately. I too check often. Have a great Christmas season.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Jorge,

    No need to confess as far as I'm concerned. Criticism of our liberal Catholic friends is warranted, especially when they deviate from the teachings of the Church. You explained very well the difference between opinion and judgment, but I'll add that we have a responsibility to point out folks and ideas which are inconsistent with Church teaching.

    Yes, I've been very quiet recently. However, I plan on breaking my silence with a post later today. Stay tuned! Felicidades!

  4. Gabby says:

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading it! Granted, there are several things with the Catholic Church that I don't agree with.

    But then, I have to take a minute and realize that it is not about what I think is right, but about what God thinks is right.

    Have a great new year!

  5. Jorge Costales says:

    Thanks Gabby. I was reading your blog and had an idea re the resolutions. If possible, please pass along your email to contact you.

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