Dwyane (Go Go) Gadget – New Back

I’m half asleep trying to read an economics book as the TV in the background is still on TNT. My Miami Heat had been crushed earlier and I was bummed. Then Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley reminded me of why I love sports. Abuse. As in making fun of others in a way that you don’t need to confess before Mass.

Case in point. Dwyane Wade had worn what appeared to be a trench coat to the post-game press conference. Mistake. Barkley wondered if Wade thought the game was in Alaska. But it turns out Barkley was just prepping his phone commercial partner for his TV partner. Smith responded, ‘no Charles, it’s his Go Go Gadget jacket.’

I report, you decide.

Like the series, this ain’t over.

But in case Smith was right, ‘go go gadget, new Michael Beasley heart!’ I can’t believe Beasley didn’t challenge Flip Murray’s dunk with 5:30 to go in the game. Very bad indicator about his competitiveness.

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- Cuban Exile [veni] - Raised in Miami [vidi] - American Citizen [vici]
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