Inauguration Journal – Day 13

Anthony Atwood’s Inauguration Journal – Day 13

WEDNESDAY 14 – JAN09: The atmosphere of anticipation, and of pride extends to the apartment house staff. They are delighted to be playing a part and bend over backwards to help. In my case, that meant loaning me a needle and thread for some uniform items I needed to fix. The three hardcore skills the service taught me are these: to make my bed, to wash dishes, and wield a needle and thread. All come in handy.

The apartment house/hotel is now full to capacity with Navy people, State Department people, and FBI. The staff has put out flyers and they throw a party this evening for everyone. It is held at the top floor, the once planned future penthouse, which has been converted into an internet café/exercise lounge. The spaces are packed, at least 75-people including a few of those solemn fellows in dark suits who resemble Matrix-enforcers.

The menu? Pizza, of course. And square pizzas in honor of the occasion. Another Navy guy and I break out our guitars and we play some impromptu Bob Dylan and U2. Even one of the Matrix-guys is tapping his foot too, until he cuts it out when he realizes he is being observed. Because this is a civilian function there is beer and wine, But although all the pizza boxes are emptied, not so the other. Everyone has a reserve about them that fits comfortably.

Gravitas, the ancients would call it.

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