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The God Particle to Miami Marlins fans

Gary Nelson’s question to Jeffrey Loria properly identified what truly binds [aka ¹God Particle] Miami Marlins fans, he asked: Your organization and you are, quite frankly, much despised among many in this community…. Can a deal like this wash that … Continue reading

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Marlins fan pesadilla draws to an end

Pesadilla is the Spanish word for nightmare and a feminine noun.  For Miami Marlins fans, pesadilla is a particularly accurate description for having our MLB team owned by a Manhattan bred arts dealer who made his bones running Expos out … Continue reading

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On pins and creedals

Fans have a creed too.  Unlike the Church, ours is not spelled out or even welcoming.  Our creed is a winnowing process based on loyalty.  Doubting one’s team in between playoff games earns you a lifetime ban from this church. … Continue reading

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Dwyane Wade evolves into Rasheed Wallace

We knew that change was inevitable, but did Wade have to end up like Rasheed Wallace? To today’s equivalent of a young Wade, Giancarlo Stanton, we offer a cautionary tale. Like almost all Miami Heat fans since 2003, I quickly … Continue reading

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Will The Miami Marlins Waste The Mike Stanton Years?

Will the Miami Marlins waste the Mike Stanton years? First let’s define the Stanton years. Under the current MLB CBA which expires this year, a player is eligible for free agency after 6 full years of service. One of the … Continue reading

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