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Bacterial [fandom] vs viral [Loria] infections

My MLB fandom bacteria are waging a valiant battle vs the viral infection which is Jeffrey Loria, it’s not a petri dish for the feint of heart. Typical fandom bacteria are unmarried [single-celled] creatures with a rubbery membrane surrounding the … Continue reading

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Another one bites the Embargo’s dust?

#Cuba on the cusp of shorter lines? Think me not a #HateHard, more a case of hard fate. #CubanEmbargo claims another. pic.twitter.com/dH9D5WkmHQ — Jorge Costales, CPA (@CPA_thinkgood) January 9, 2015 C.S. Lewis in the The Great Divorce: There are only … Continue reading

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What to do when God appears to say no?

How do we react when God does not seem to respond to our petitions? Do we become Morris Albert groupies? A WSJ article by Gregory Cootsona gives us a glimpse into how the great C.S. Lewis navigated the issue: Finally, … Continue reading

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How the Pacers differ from Barbarian Tribes in Germania

A friend, on the eve of a religious Retreat, once shared a moving philosophical exchange from a surprising movie source. The movie was based on the work of Robert E. Howard, a pioneer in the field of pulp fiction: Mongol … Continue reading

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Fully Baked Zito

Barry Zito has hit on a clever tactic to be left alone. In a GQ interview, he acknowledged that he was a Christian who enjoyed reading C.S. Lewis. His interviewer, Nathaniel Penn, gives what I think is an accurate recap … Continue reading

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Clubbing with Clive and the Inklings

Are you part of a club? Ever been apologetic or embarrassed by enjoying the company of like-minded souls in an environment where talking is the main activity? Tired of being pushed around by bottom-line types who question the wisdom of … Continue reading

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Wilfredo and the evolution of a sure thing

The following takes place between 1:47 AM and 1:55 AM EST inside The Bar on Giralda in Coral Gables on December 23rd.  An entertaining live band, The 540’s–the band [pictured] proved to be surprisingly good despite featuring an attorney as … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect and C.S. Lewis

On September 19th, 1931, after an intense conversation with J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis became a Christian. I humbly suggest that the Butterfly effect from that stage of his conversion — an earlier stage included a necessary pit-stop at Theism for … Continue reading

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Dreaming of G.K. Chesterton in a blue sweater

I’ve been trying to complete reading — I’ve mastered just starting the book — G.K. Chesterton’s book, Manalive for over a year. Also in the past year, I have been making great use of the Miami-Dade Public Library system. Whenever … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of a believer

Quick, what do you see in the photo to the right? Go ahead and click on it, I’ll wait. If you see the mid-section of a male who recently underwent successful bypass surgery, the good news is that you are … Continue reading

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