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Ichiro facts and Western legends

A 1962 movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, was made by a trio of Hollywood legends, John Ford, John Wayne and James Stewart. The film is most often referenced because at its dramatic conclusion, came one of the greatest … Continue reading

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From Dazed and Confused to bemused then infused

Inexplicably, I only watched the movie Dazed and Confused recently on the recommendation of my brother. Inexplicably, because I love movies and my appreciation for goofiness rivals that of France, birthplace of that flopping dog, Tony Parker. Right away I … Continue reading

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A case of secular humanist vasocongestion

I read somewhere that all detective stories are parables for our search for God. Maybe Nic Pizzolatto had too. One group who hadn’t were the secular humanist watchdogs who man the cultural barricades for any hint of conventional spirituality. Boy … Continue reading

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#Holdmeback and the Cultural Left

If you are an NBA fan, Jalen Rose’s podcasts with David Jacoby are a must listen. Rose has become my Freakonomics-like interpreter for what’s really going on in the league, given his perspective as a former player with many remaining … Continue reading

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Audience videos of U2 concert in Miami – June 2011

Audience videos to document the U2 Concert in Miami on June 29, 2011 Recall the times that someone communicated to you about having seen a legendary band play a few years back. Imagine if they were able to say, “take … Continue reading

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Seward and Hagen fly under your radar

While I have always loved Lincoln, the recent adulation of him on the left constitutes an unmistakable signal to revisit my views. Not coincidentally, a recent review of Walter Stahr’s book, Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man, uncovered a revealing exchange between … Continue reading

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Tearing whose world apart?

There is a Rolling Stones song from 1973 which described tragedies involving crime and drugs which I thought was a very effective form of protest. Be they aware or not, they were following a noble tradition of artists giving voice … Continue reading

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Kindred spirits: Sgt Brody and our president?

As I watched the season finale of the Showtime Homeland series, I couldn’t help wonder what like-minded souls thought of Sgt. Brody’s clever rationalization for his inability to detonate the bomb which would have killed the VP [and the show’s … Continue reading

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Ted outing and multi-cinema civil disobediance

Definition of multi-cinema civil disobedience [MCCD]: Watching one movie at a multiplex cinema, while having purchased a ticket for another. MCCD is a conservative [or right-winger, take your pick, it’s the other side than runs from labels] movie lover’s rational … Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Stairway for Led Zeppelin

I was driving on SR-836 recently — in that auto-pilot state of mind which combines boredom with resignation that death is but a texter away — and I heard something on a local FM radio station which surprisingly got my … Continue reading

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