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How not to grow MLB in Miami – part 1865

Do the laws of supply and demand apply to MLB ticket sales? See the nearby screenshot of a portion of the Miami Marlins 2014 schedule. The last column reflects the tickets available for purchase through a MLB approved ticket broker. … Continue reading

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A case of secular humanist vasocongestion

I read somewhere that all detective stories are parables for our search for God. Maybe Nic Pizzolatto had too. One group who hadn’t were the secular humanist watchdogs who man the cultural barricades for any hint of conventional spirituality. Boy … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman gets his comeuppance

Dear web traffic due to inexact search terms, jodete. Anyways, not all comeuppance are bad and we do like to think good here. The person I allude to is one of the Sherman Brothers’ who wrote more motion-picture musical song … Continue reading

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Be like Walt and Pat, positive and prolific

I grew up with happy, albeit vague, memories of Disney television programs and a definite love of Disney World which has survived puberty, parenting and my middle ages. So it is with a certain sense of relief that the more … Continue reading

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Heat fanatic GTD organizer panic tab

With a nod towards Dean Acheson, this present since the creation Heat fanatic is penciling in any potential panic in the NBA playoffs tab of my GTD planner. Specifically, late 3rd quarter in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. … Continue reading

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Roe v Wade eligible images

A Child is Born photography from Lennart Nilsson. Please click on photos to enlarge. 6 weeks 16 weeks 18 weeks – Life magazine 04/30/65

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Spozhmai and lost causes

Spozhmai is the name of a 10 year old Afghan girl whom the Taliban attempted to use as a suicide bomber — see the BBC and Voice of America [VOA] articles. In the BBC article, the word “mullah” and “Taliban” … Continue reading

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#Holdmeback and the Cultural Left

If you are an NBA fan, Jalen Rose’s podcasts with David Jacoby are a must listen. Rose has become my Freakonomics-like interpreter for what’s really going on in the league, given his perspective as a former player with many remaining … Continue reading

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Haberstroh buries Simmons, not an urban legend!

‘Tom Haberstroh buries Bill Simmons’ was not the headline at ESPN, but it could have been. If it had been, the headline would have been more true to the substance of Haberstroh’s article than the headline they actually went with, … Continue reading

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To suffer the pain of what is hidden

Originally posted on 2 Think Good:
In the middle of reading Nick Hornby’s clever book about books, The Complete Polysyllabic Spree, I came across an amazing letter from an unexpected motivational speaker, Anton Chekhov. Below are portions of Chekhov’s letter, written…

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