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MLS stadiums – facts vs emerging conventional wisdom

I was thrilled to hear that the Beckham-Claure group finally acknowledged that the location next to Marlins Park was the most feasible for their potential new MLS franchise. In listening to sports talk radio over the last few days, a … Continue reading

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Wade opts out, but its McRoberts who will go

All this grief because the guy with the hairline to the right was too embarrassed to walk around in the bright Miami sun after cosmetic surgery. Oy vey. Heat Hoops is a great resource for us Heat fans. His recent … Continue reading

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People of faith deserve to be remembered by people of faith

Update on June 27th: It was not hard to see a secular spin coming in this tragedy, but the push back from the black Christian community has been inspiring. Michael Wear in Christianity Today is tired of people attempting to … Continue reading

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Miami Heat’s ideal post-season

Update on 06/18/15: Mark Stein finally reveals what most insiders were aware of, but were awaiting a book deal to disclose: … And we likewise saw LeBron emasculate Blatt in ways that are simply unbecoming of a player of James’ … Continue reading

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John Lennox imagines humble Christians

There is a scene from The Exorcist which reminds me of how I used to think of Christians who interpret the Book of Genesis literally. When exorcism was first suggested as shock therapy to Chris MacNeil by the Clinic Director, … Continue reading

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John Lennox imagines humble Atheists

It is common for pop culture favorites, e.g., Bill Maher [59] and Jon Stewart [52], to ridicule religion and argue that it is a natural enemy to science. It helps that their audiences are probably as disinterested in science as … Continue reading

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Pity the fool

The events of June 11, 1982 have weighed on me since. The weight is not due to it having been the 473rd anniversary of Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon. More due to the union of Mr. T to … Continue reading

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About that transgender conversation

As with most topics in the culture wars, the trojan horse of starting the conversation¹ has been trotted out to mask the desire to change belief systems [if there were a scrabble point system in blogging, this sentence would be … Continue reading

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Bacterial [fandom] vs viral [Loria] infections

My MLB fandom bacteria are waging a valiant battle vs the viral infection which is Jeffrey Loria, it’s not a petri dish for the feint of heart. Typical fandom bacteria are unmarried [single-celled] creatures with a rubbery membrane surrounding the … Continue reading

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Wrights and infectious stuff

The brothers who ultimately stand atop the Right Stuff pyramid, knew all about infectious stuff, like bacteria and dreams. A pair of separate events occurred in 1896 in which the human spirit triumphed in confronting the deadly age-old bacterial infection, … Continue reading

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